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  • Q: What is the differecne between 'Goddess Locs' and 'Boho Locs'?

A: Goddess locs are done with 100% virgin human hair and Boho Locs' are done with human/ synthetic hair blend. Goddess locs have curly/wavy ends, as Boho Locs have blunt ends . Boho locs are a tad bit thicker in size and do not have as many locs included as goddess locs, unless requested otherwise (charges may vary). 

  • Q: How long do Goddess Locs and Boho Locs last?

A: With proper maintenance, Goddess locs have a life span of about 4-5 months . Boho Locs have a life span of about 4 months.

  • Q: Can I wash my hair with locs?

A: Yes. Both Goddess locs and Boho locs can be washed safely Just make sure you mainly focus on washing your scalp to get it nice and clean and remember to moisturize scalp AND locs.

  • Q: What's the difference between Passion twists and Marley Twists?

A: Passion Twists have more of a silkier curly/ bouncy texture and Marley Twists have more of a coarse texture. Both two similar and beauiful styles.

  • Q: Will my hair loc with human hair goddess locs?

A: I, and several clients of mine, have worn goddess locs over 4 months at a time and they were able to be safely removed without the natural hair locking. With regular touch ups and maintenance locs will be able to be removed with an issue. 


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