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Boho Babe Maintenance Tips!
Yes, I know we all love our protective styles! Whether you are wearing your styles a few weeks, long term, or keeping your protective style permanently, we STILL must make an effort to keep our natural hair, roots, and scalp healthy and clean! Remember, that is the reason  we are 'Protective Styling' to begin with!

Moisture Tip:

  • When wearing protective styles long term (6-8 weeks or longer), you MUST keep the scalp and new growth hydrated and moisturized.

  • Make your own Leave-in moisturizing spray!

  • To begin, use a spray bottle.

  • Choose an oil of your choice.. Make sure the oil is NOT greasy but will definitely add moisture to hair and scalp, such as; olive, jojoba, almond, or castor oil.

  • Add your favorite Leave in conditioner to spray bottle

  • Add water

  • A few drops of your favorite essential oils, mine is lavender! (optional)

  • Shake well before every use.

  • Use this at least 3 times a week or more when needed for best results.

Gourmet Olive Oil

Wash/Cleansing Tips:

  • Washing and conditioning  hair while it is in a protective style long term  is definitely necessary for healthy new grown hair and a healthy scalp. This will remove the dirt, sweat, and product build up that can make hair look dull and smell unpleasant.

  • I find the easiest way to wash my hair while in a protective style is to start off my dividing my hair into 4 sections. wash, distribute the needed amount onto your scalp and roots.  

  •  use your finger tips to give your hair a GENTLE scrub.

  • Repeat on all four sections of hair and rinse thoroughly.  

  • Let hair air dry or gently pat hair dry with a cotton t-shirt.

  • Apply leave in conditioner on roots of hair.

  • Seal and lock in moisture with your favorite oil ( olive, jojoba, almond, castor, ect..)

In-Between Washes Tip:


  • Lets be real, washing your hair while having in a protective style can be a bit time consuming and for some, it may be difficult. No worries, you can limit the amount of washes you have to do while also keeping your roots and scalp fresh and clean. 

  • Use a SMALL AMOUNT of DRY shampoo and distribute it throughout scalp and roots of hair.

  • Mix witch hazel and a few drops of water inside of a spray bottle, spray on scalp and new growth. Use a cotton ball to get any dirt or build up.

  • Use this in between washes, especially if you go longer without washing your hair. It will leave your new growth clean and will soothe your scalp.

Permanent goddess locs over 84 natural l

*Maintenace tips will work for ALL STYLES. If you do have passion twists i would use the "In-Between Washes" method to cleanse your scalp and the roots of your hair. This will ensure that your natural hair that exposed in the twists will have less frizz and the style will last longer. 

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