• Locs are done with 100% virgin human hair. (automatically comes in natural black).

  • Softest and most light option for faux locs.

  • Locs will get a more "Boho" looking texture after about 2 weeks.

  • Hair is provided.

  • Locs will last up to 5 months. 

  • Locs can be worn swimming, can be washed, and perfect for those with active lifestyles.


  • Virgin human hair locs can be bleached and/ or dyed to your liking.    

  • Touch ups available to extend style. 

Boho Locs

  • Boho Locs are done with a blend of human and synthetic hair.

  • Even though synthetic hair is used locs are still very lightweight, comfortable, and tension free.

  • Hair is Provided.

  • Color options are available. 

  • Locs can last up to 3 months.

  • Locs are able to get wet without slippage or  unraveling  .

Passion Twists

  • Passion twists were created by Kailyn, "The Boho Babe. When I thought about doing these I wanted something that had a very similar looks to goddess locs, but for the fraction of time and cost!.... and that's when "Passion Twists" were born (Which I named after my mommy LOL.) 

  • Passion twists are done with synthetic hair.

  • Hair is provided.

  • Super lightweight and bouncy. 

  • Perfect protective style for all hair textures.

  • Color options available.

  •  Lasts up to 2 months. 

  • recommend to limit the number of washes with this style.  

  • Babe Braids are my newest service I've added

  • These braids are knotless, making them tension free and super natural looking

  • The actual braid is done with synthetic, non-itch/ irritant hair.

  • Babe Braids have 100% human hair loose hair all over

  • Can be worn up to 6-8 weeks.

  • Color options may be available by request.

Babe Braids

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