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As a stylist/creator... It is a passion of mine to create art that matches my vibe. I love to bring out the look of minimal effort, 'carefree beauty". All of my styles are examples of self expression. I'm so glad you are interested in booking and that my art has aligned with the way you'd like to express your unique style to the world!

Goddess Locs 

100% virgin hair goddess locs 😍. Client
  • This style is a TEMPORARY style and can also be PERMANENT. 

  • Virgin or Human hair is THE LIGHTEST HAIR OPTION.

  • Goddess Locs (If being worn TEMPORARILY) can be worn up to 5 months. 

  • Permanent locs will be done thinner than standard locs due to limiting the weight on the hair.

  • The ‘Boho’ texture of locs will appear after about 2 weeks after install.

  • Standard natural black goddess locs are done with 100% Virgin human hair. Color options are available, but this will be done with 100% human hair.

  • If you plan on leaving locs in permanently YOU MUST SPEAK WITH ME PRIOR TO APPOINTMENT.

  • Give your locs 1 week before you decide to wash them.

  • Permanent locs can be removed, but the process can be long and pricey, so please meditate you be sure about your decision.

  • VIRGIN HAIR LOCS can be effectively bleached and dyed.

  • Touch ups for temporary AND permanent locs ARE AVAILABLE.

  • Please remember this is a 2 day proccess. 

  • Maintenace Level: Low


  • Goddess locs can be used as permanent loc extensions. 

  • If you do not plan on having locs I would not recommend keeping locs in permanently. 

  • Locs can be shortened. 

  • Once locs have reach desired length you can have the "faux loc" removed and keep your natural locs. 

  • I'd recommend using virgin hair ( standard natural black) to go permanent with, especially if you are looking to color your locs. (Human hair can still be dyed/bleached but there is no promise to how well the color will take.) 

  • To keep locs neat and fresh use the re-twist method. I'd recommend you re-twist your locs at least once a month, (if you can go longer then great!) . Please remember not to over re-twist your hair! This may cause unnecessary tension!!!

  • You can also get a touch up to keep your locs looking fresh. this will not be a standard re-twist, but wrapping extensions over new growth. Is is another great alternative option to growing out your permanent locs!

Passion Twists

  • Passion Twists are a personal favorite of mine because well, I’m the creator of them! If you’ve looked into the history of the style then you know that is style was named after my mommy LOL!

  • Passion Twists are twists that can appear to look like goddess locs, with a boho/carefree vibe to them.

  • Passion Twists are done with synthetic hair.

  • There are many color options available.

  • Perfect protective style for all textured hair.

  • Passion Twists last up to 6-8 weeks (or longer if you don’t mind a little frizz)

  • DO NOT OVER WASH IN THIS STYLE, Please check the ‘Maintenance Tips’ tab for hassle free washing instructions!

  • Passion Twists can take getting wet and are a great vacation/ or workout style, but do not OVER SUBMERGE them.

  • Available in JUMBO size as well!

  • Maintenance Level: Low

Babe Braids

 summer hair 🌴🌊☀️.jpg
  • Babe Braids are another personal favorite of mine!

  • These braids are KNOTLESS braids done with 100% human hair LOOSE STRANDS.

  • The braided portion is done with a synthetic, non-itch/ non-irritant hair. 

  • The braided portion of Babe Braids done with 100% human hair, but there will be a price increase (contact me for further details).

  • Babe Braids come with a loose wavy/and or curly human hair.

  • Over time, braids will begin to have more of a boho/messy look to them, but hair WILL NOT MATTE UP IF YOU ARE TAKING CARE OF IT PROPERLY!  

  • DO NOT BRUSH THIS HAIR- Please remember these are still braids. If you need to detangle them, use some detangler or leave in conditioner and GENTLY use your FINGERS to comb through hair.

  • If hair begins to look too frizzy, you can wash and condition hair. Just remember to put it into 2 big braids and use a leave-in conditioner and/ or hair serum afterwards to avoid unnecessary tangling and frizziness.

  • Braids can be worn up to 8 weeks. 

  • Color options may be available by request.

  • Please remember this is a 2 day proccess. 

  • Maintenance level: Medium

Boho Locs

  • Boho Locs are locs done with a human hair/ synthetic blend.

  • These locs are thicker in size, and there are not as many locs compared to goddess locs (but still a pretty full amount) .

  • Locs are still lightweight, tension free, and natural looking.

  • Just as goddess locs, the more these locs age, the more natural they appear.

  • I absolutely love these locs because they definitely give off boho/ island like vibe.

  • I recommend locs be worn no longer than 5 months.

  • You CAN leave these locs in permanently, but please keep in mind these are not fully human/ virgin hair locs, so you will be limited when it comes to dying and bleaching hair, (as you’d be able to do with goddess locs).

  • Boho locs are perfect for vacation hair! Can be submerged in water, can take sweat, and washes!

  • Please remember this is a 2 day proccess. 

  • Maintenance Level: Low

Passion Braids

‘Passion Braids’ 🌴🐚🌺 created by yours
  • Passion braids are another personal favorite of mine because they blend in SO WELL with my natural (4b/4c) hair!.... and yes because I created these AND named them after my mommy as well LOL!

  • These braids come in midback or waist lengh

  • If you're looking for that island/ boho/ ‘are they locs or braids’ type vibe, then I’d have to recommend Passion braids.

  • Perfect for us Thick hair gals!

  • Perfect for textured hair (4a, 4b, & 4c hair)

  • Color options available

  • Done with synthetic hair

  • Perfect vacation hair. Water friendly.

  • Passion braids can be worn up to 8 weeks (or more if you’re like me and don’t mind a little frizz)

  • Maintenance Level: Low

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