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Boho Babe Full Lace Wigs

Hi Boho Babes! Since you have been asking, I have finally decided to add wigs as a service of mine! I understand I have supporters from all over the globe who are just not able to travel for a hair appointment. I also know some may not have the time or patience to even sit long enough for an appointment! No worries, I've got you covered! 


100% Virgin Human Hair Goddess Locs Full Lace Wig

The hair used to make this wig will be done with 100% virgin human hair. With the virgin hair option you have the ability to spice your wig up a little with bleach or dye!  This is also the best hair option if you do have any allergies to synthetic hair. Virgin hair also being the softest and most light weight hair option, and the more these locs age, the more beautiful they will appear! 

*NOTE: Virgin hair will come in the color NATURAL BLACK  this is hair that has been UNPORCCESSED. If you choose to get a color such as color #2 (dark brwon), #4(light brown), #30(medium brown), or #27 (honey blonde) this hair will be done with 100% human hair and can still be bleached and dyed, but color may not take as well compared to virgin hair. 

Price List

10"-12": $1,050

14"-16": $1,150

18"-20": $1,200

22"-24": $1,275

26"-28": $1,350

*Note: I do not pluck , bleach , or customized lace on wigs!!

Human/ Synthetic Hair Blend Goddess Locs Wig

The hair used to make this wig will be done with a human/ synthetic hair blend . With the blended hair option, locs will look almost identical to virgin or human hair locs. One difference between 100% human hair locs and human/ synthetic blend locs is they make look very similar but I do not recommend that you try to color or blech these locs, so make sure you're certain on the color you choose! The older these locs get, the more natural and authentic looking they appear!

Price List

10"-12": $900

14"-16": $975

18"-20": $1,050

22"-24": $1,100

26'-28': $1,150

*Note: I do not pluck , bleach , or customized lace on wigs!!

  • Total amount must be paid in full

  • Pick ups available

  • Shipping available +$25

  • Please allow up to 5-10 days to receive wig after purchase

  • Once you have placed your order you will be contacted for payment & shipping address. 


  • Once the wig is out of my possession ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

  • Please handle wig with care!! Laces may be delicate!

  • 100% Virgin Human hair FULL LACE wig will be used, giving you the option to part hair any way desired!

  • Must have Cash App to purchase

  • All LOCS on wig come with a 1 year warrenty meaning if you are have having any issues with the LOCS (not lace), I will repair  free of charge.

  • You must promise me you'll be taking care of your natural hair under your wig! :)

Virgin Hair Goddess Locs Wig Order Form
Hair Type

Thank you for placing your order!

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